LGS Mold Making

Overview of Mold Making and Mold Set Layouts

Mold making is the process of creating a mold, which molders can use to develop several products. Molds are usually made by either casting material over a form or building…

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Types of Polyamide or Polyolefin Hot Melt Adhesives

Henkel has been a global leader in adhesive technologies since 1876. So, it’s no wonder that they’re leading the pack when it comes to one-component, low pressure molding products. The…

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cable strain solutions

Strain Relief and Other Benefits to Low-Pressure Molding

Low-pressure molding (LPM) is a practical molding process with a wide range of uses. It’s capable of achieving better cable protection, superior sealing, and enhanced productivity compared to the materials…

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potting vs low pressure molding PCB

Overmolding vs. Potting

Most electronics today contain fragile parts that require protection from moisture, chemical exposure, high temperature, etc. Protected electronic devices can be used in several applications since they’re reliable and deliver…

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